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Getting the book deal

So kicking off this journey into publication I thought I'd explain in general terms how it happened.

I think my situation was/is one of good fortune (a combination of hard work and opportunity).  I concede there are a number of ways into publication much more difficult than this, but I hope that readers can draw something from my experience.

Be involved

I was approached by my publisher. We have had a connection/relationship over a diverse range projects, for coming up to four years now. They were launching their poetry range and asked if I would consider submitting something.

I had, of course done the work, but I think I can attribute some of my fortune to having been involved in my community of readers and writers and involved in myriad ways as a consumer, producer and reviewer of writing arts.

Still, I see myself as extremely fortunate.  My impression is that most folks have to shop their work around.

Opportunity Knocks

Until the day they contacted me, I'd only briefly consi…

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