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And so it begins - Kicking off the Year of Poetry

I wisely went to bed early on New Year's Eve so that I could rise early next morning and get stuck into My Year of Poetry schedule.   Now, I had set a provisional target of about 6 hours a day, split between writing my own poetry, completing a close reading of a poem that I admire and studying technique and poetic theory. It's become apparent over the two days I have stuck to the plan that 6 hours might have been wishful thinking.  I have managed 4 hours on both days and while I did feel that my mental sharpness had increased I still felt very flaky towards the end of the day.

But what have you actually been doing? The writing segment consisted of writing a creative prose piece focusing on the perspective of a close relative and their reflection/impression of a season.   This creative piece was to be drafted 2-3 times and then written in blank verse form of about 20 lines. The blank verse was then to go through about 2-3 drafts as well.  Which is where I got to on day one.  Today, a…

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