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Magpie Tales

In Magpie Tales Australian poet SB Wright reveals a keen eye for capturing both people and places, his deft imagery transports the reader effortlessly from rural Australia and beyond. 
The pieces within explore a changing inner landscape too, where the contested terrain of small town identities and national issues are played out in clear, lyrical verse.
Magpie Tales is his first poetry collection.

Where to purchase:

You can purchase a print copy of Magpie Tales through the following links:

Signed Copies

If you would like a signed copy you can contact me via the form that's located in the hidden sidebar (look top left of the page for the 3 horizontal bars and click), or via Twitter (@seandblogonaut ) or Facebook if you are a friend.

So cost to you if you live in Australia/ New Zealand is $17.50 AUD , and it will be posted in BX15 cardboard Postpak.  I will accept EFT transfers and PayPal (I'll send you an invoice).

If you live on mainland UK or USA it will cost $23.50 AUD and I can accept PayPal. Postage will be by the aforementioned BX15 cardboard Postpak.  Note: An alternative to this is that you order a copy from the Book Depository/Barnes and Noble and I will send a bookplate via small letter post.

Ebook Purchases (coming early 2018).

Published Poems

  • Lucilia Cuprina - an ode ( Verity La, April 13 2017)




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