A long overdue update

Gentle readers,

I know many of you have been engaging in an unceasing refreshing of the blog page in the dear, dear hope that it would bring you some joyous news, some observation in poetic form on our shared experience of the human condition.

I know many of you will shed tears of joy at the possibility that these pixels appearing in front of your eyes will deliver just such a rapturous occurrence.

It is with a heavy heart that I disappoint you, at least in the short term.  At the present time my creative energies are employed in work, leaving no time for the writing of poetry, nor that period of creative indolence from which much of my best ideas some to flow.

I do have two titles by other esteemed poets which I will direct my energies to over the coming months, so while my own published words may not grace this page in the near future, rest assured I will be able to shortly direct your perspicacious intellects toward some very fine words.



P.S. I have been engaged in an All-Austen-All-the-Time movie extravaganza in case you haven't noticed.


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