Sunday, June 18, 2017

Emily Harrison - Stockholm Syndrome

I came across Emily Harrison via the Lunar Podcasts that I posted about recently.  She has a collection out called Can't Sleep 'Cause My Bed's on Fire.   Which is described as:

... a search for love against the stark, yet humanising backdrop of the psychiatric institution. Gutsy and honest, Emily Harrison's poetry is simultaneously cynical and optimistic. In her verse she suggests that coming to terms with her mental health and falling in love are equally challenging, and depicts the consequences - both heartbreaking and hilarious - when the two collide.
Stockholm Syndrome certainly fits that bill.  Enjoy!

FYI - Lunar Poetry Podcast

I discovered the Lunar Poetry Podcast on Twitter this morning and considering it's just run past its 101st cast I can't understand how I have missed it.

Ah well, I have the next three months listening sorted as a consolation.

It's part funded by a grant from The Arts Council England and has been shortlisted in two categories at the British Podcast Awards.

Its one of those delicious conversational shows with great poets and interviewers who know what they are talking about.

I am part way through the episode featuring Kim Moore.  Well worth a listen. You can subscribe to the Wordpress blog here.  If you want a direct feed of the podcast though you'll need to follow them on Soundcloud or subscribe on itunes.

For those of you on limited internet the podcast size seems reasonable (about 40mb) too.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Back writing again

Bookmark Port in LOTR pewter glass
Thanks to Lizzy I managed to get one day off this long weekend. So I'll raise a glass of Bookmark Port in the direction of ol' blighty.

I am thankfully coming to the end of a very long and stressful period of work.  I even managed to find some inspiration and some extra energy to go with it and wrote a poem.

I also engaged in some retail therapy and spent more than I should have on poetry books. Booktopia have their end of year sale on and are offering free shipping  so I managed to snap up a couple of good deals on local poets.

Paul Hetherington's Burnt Umber was going for $15 and I decided to get Jill Jones' Dark Bright Doors as well. Check the info below.

That's it until schools out I'd say. Thanks for reading.

Booktopia Free Shipping

Place an order and spend a minimum of $17 before MidnightTuesday the 13th of June (AEST and NZST) with the promotion code EOFYS, and you will receive free shipping on your order. The promotion code can be used as many times as you, or your family and friends, want on any orders between now and then.

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