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So after the fun I had rediscovering poetry during the Post-it note Poetry thing in February I prevaricated over continuing to post poetry on my book review blog and decided a new blog was perhaps the way to go.  So here it is the new blog with one of my poems from the Post it Note Poetry exercise


Summer Squall


A summer squall is rolling in

A subtle draft, a pleasant breeze,

has turned into a broiling thing

of heated words and brimming tears


The pressure builds and peace is rent,

the squall pulls in a thousand thoughts

from petty showers not quite yet spent

and love is lost, as battle's fought.


But like, some old heroic tale

of Gods or Titans locked in war

This summer squall begins to fall;

cool tears, warm limbs, and love once more.


This poem first appeared on Adventures of a Bookonaut


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