Poetry Zoo

I came across the site Poetry Zoo a couple of days ago.  It has been created specifically for poets, a hub to store work, work on and display your poetry.  In this day and age of publisher scams I was wary.  I have already come across an Australian site that purports to give you exposure while at the same time, taking your work and publishing it in a digest every 6 months or so (not paying for the privilege mind you). 

So I now do due diligence on any of the wonderful digital aids that are presented for writers.

Poetry Zoo:

The design interface is pretty slick and its supposed to be accessible from tablets and smart phones too.  Were I not living in my rural paradise and being charged exorbitant data fees I’d give it a go.

So Poetry Zoo passes the test. Check it out here.

Check out their Terms and Conditions  section in regards to copyright.


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