Publication and a sale

Being isolated can be both a boon and a struggle.  It’s a long way for me to go to “find my tribe” in a physical sense and I have had to rely on my digital critique circle.  So as I announce that my first poetry sale is to the wonderful Tincture Journal I must thank my friends and soundboards at The Post-it Note Poetry Society for the encouragement and the support that they have given me since February.  My poem will appear early next year in issue 5, but you shouldn’t wait till then to have a look at the journal.  There are three issues out and the editorial team give us an eclectic mix of genre and form.

Their current issue features Jodi Cleghorn, who I reviewed over on the main blog and another poet who I really like, Ron Barton.  But it really is an eclectic and international mix, very good value for your money.

You can check them out here.


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