It has been exceedingly busy

100_5453 - Copy …and I have even been doing poetry related stuff.

I have just noticed that its been almost a month since I posted here. So a bit of an update on what’s been going on poetically.

  1. I attended another poetry in the pub in Gawler event.  This time with a short workshop with poet John Malone on metaphor poems. It was a fairly light workshop that I managed to pluck some interesting titbits from.  I performed an older poem, Summer Squall, which was quite apt following on from the mornings workshop.  I also tried out a work in progress that was well received (its currently awaiting rejection from one of our fine lit journals).  I was also commended on my diction and poetry performance which left me chuffed.
  2. I am meeting with some poets that are closer to me (40 minutes away as opposed to 2 hours) and we are trying to get a weekly poetry performance and critique group going at a local bohemian cafe, The Dragon’s Well, the first of these went well, we even had some audience members.
  3. I have about 5 poems out under consideration
  4. I managed to get a hold of Mary Kinzie’s A Poet’s Guide to Poetry, which seems to have some of the explicit teaching that I have been looking for in regards to free verse.


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