An update – paddling crazy beneath the water

shot_1408421320090 It may look like very little is being written in the way of poetry at the moment but I am actually the busiest I have been poetically for a good while.  I have posted off an entry for Inkerman & Blunt’s Prayers of a Secular World and by posted I mean posted – I felt delightfully old fashioned having to drive 40 minutes to post three paper copies.

I am also readying another nostalgia inspired poem for Cordite’s Obsolete submission call.

On the self education front I continue to plough through Mary Kinzie’s  A Poet's Guide to Poetry and have began trying to hook in to American and English sources of online poetry publication. 

I also managed to pick up Tom Petsinis’ Four Quarters and a collection of Peter Goldsworthy’s(the location and title of which escapes me at this moment) from a second hand shop and I was struck by what good value they were.  Most second hand stores will sell their books from upwards of $8 I think I got these two for $5 all up. 

Thanks for reading.


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