Poetry in the Pub, Gawler

shot_1422171602960 This Sunday past we took our new, super fuel efficient car down to Gawler so that I could attend the closest Poetry in the Pub event.  Gawler’s about a good hour and a half trip and I am hoping to make it down on a bimonthly basis( as was my plan last year).

Meeting poets face to face is something I lack due to my remoteness.  I have a very good online poetry group but it is good to perform to different audiences and to do so live and out loud.

I read out two works in progress and got good enough feedback that I will push on with submitting them for publication. 

I note that it’s getting pretty close to February and the mad rush of poetry that will be Post it Note Poetry 2015.  Check out one of its founders here and join in.

(Photo:  Part of the wall art at the Poetic Justice Cafe in Gawler)


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