Performed at SpeedPoets

shot_1431752795759 I was recently in Brisbane and took the opportunity to meet up with fellow writing and poetry friends at Brisbane SpeedPoets. I, along with about 30 poets, performed poems over 3 sets.  Featured poets were local poet Chloe Callistemon, who read an extended set from her as yet unpublished manuscript and American slam poet Good Ghost Bill (Bill Moran) who is currently touring internationally.

I performed That Summer ( which you should be able to listen in the Soundcloud widget to the right) and a new piece called the new development which I dedicated to S G Larner who gave me the confidence to read it on the day.

If you would like to pick up printed versions of these poems as well as others performed on the day, get along to the next SpeedPoets and they should have copies of their magazine for sale/donation.


the new development

for SG Larner


they squat


consume their blocks


almost touch

so that you can hear

each other's drip fed dreams

fill the open plan

square footage


a sign

promised rural living

but this could be any batch

of uninspired


squashed into another

sweaty subdivision.


sixties yellow brick veneer

replaced by dull grey brutalism

or an off-cream glut

of expectations




like a cancer

of want

they squat

eat their fill

and dream

dream always

of the horizon


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