A shout out to Poetry Says

I have almost finished listening to the entire back list of Scottish Poetry Library Podcasts, seriously, this has to be one of the best poetry podcasts on the planet.

Always interesting, engaging and accessible in a way that the general public might think talk about poetry not to be.  I wonder how they do it in a country with a population smaller than Victoria, when Australia as a nation can't even manage to hold on to Poetica.

That gripe aside, I wanted to point you in the direction of Alice Allan's Podcast at Poetry Says.  Alice also works on the Verity La podcast so if you are wondering where you have heard her voice before, there you have it.

Both Verity La and Alice Allan's Poetry Says are the types of podcast I want to hear more of (and remember folks they do it for free, so give them a boost when you can).  Poets talking about their work and talking about other poet's work in a conversational manner that invites the listener in.

I love Allan's sign off on the Poetry Says website:

If you’ve got a poem you want to share with the interwebs, don’t be shy. Talking about poetry can be daunting, but remember: the Poetry Police aren’t coming after you. (I’ve checked. They’re drinking wine in a sunny courtyard. They’re not coming after anyone.)
 More please!


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