Year of Poetry Update - Week 35

Bought after listening to
Lisa's interview on Poetry Says.
This week saw the release of Tincture Issue 15 containing my poem Confusion and Showgirl Tunes (it's already counted in the stats from when it was accepted).  

I also was interviewed for the Poetry Says podcast by Alice Allan.  I will post the link when the interview surfaces in a couple of weeks.  

It was not so terrifying an experience being on the other end of the podcast mic ( in part due to Alice's calm demeanor and ability to put her guest at ease). I do note that I mentioned that I had a good run of acceptances this year and on checking my publications realized I have claimed one more publication than I actually have ie 7 instead of 8. 

Still this week felt like one big ball of poetry love.  

The Writing

This weeks inspiration came from a dream my wife.  She remembers quite clearly dreaming she was ticking a check box in answer to a census like form and the choice was:

you prefer a simple life because
decisions are made quickly
and the sun and moon are free

My wife is the first to admit she's an artist and not a poet but if she' dreaming this I am starting to wonder.  

I have managed to settle into the routine and hit the 4 hour mark that has become the norm this term.  I had a good session last Sunday and managed to squeeze in another 40 minutes close reading this afternoon.  I do have a long weekend coming up and intend to take full advantage of it.

The Study

I finished reading Denise Leveratov's On the Function of the Line, and found myself paying closer attention to line ending and its effect on the melody of the poem quite naturally.  I heartily recommend you find a copy.

Close Reading

I completed Spitfires by Claire Askew, which is a beautiful meditation on her grandfather's death ( I presume this is autobiographical but it's poetry...) and on how we chose to remember our loved ones. This is from her recent collection, This Changes Things, which I am finding an absolute joy to read.

For the Statbadgers:

Total time: 3:58 (375:43) hrs

poem writing = 2.00 (169:16) hrs

close reading =1:10(77:02) hrs

technique/theory 0:30(85:48) hrs

reflection = 0:30 (29:28) hrs

Poetry written:

0(33) poems completed

(1)16poems in draft

1 poem abandoned

1 poem facing execution at dawn

Poems Submitted:

0(16 in total) poems

Poems Published:

0(7) poem

Live Performances:



0(8) poems


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