Year of Poetry Update - Week 39

Storm front as it rolls in at work
So this week saw the storm of the century,  three tornadoes narrowly missed the farm ( by narrow I mean within 50km), there was hail and the entire state was plunged into darkness.

The poetry went on (us poet's are tougher than we look).

Feeling the effects of the sleepless night and the disruption to schedule though.  The hours were down by one but all things considered I am calling it a win.  I am looking forward to doing a heap of writing in the coming days.

If I can drag myself away from The Last Kingdom, Season 1.

The Writing

Left the redrafting of last week's poem and switched to another "finished" poem, applying some of the thought process picked up during the last two weeks or so.  Consequently I have finished and submitted it to a journal.

The Study

I read and noted Ron Pretty's chapter on Sound Patterning (not so much new here but presented in a different format)in Creating Poetry.

Read and noted Clive James' Letter to a Young Poet from The Scores.

Read and noted the first chapter of James Logenbach's The Resistance to Poetry.

Close Reading

None this week. 

For the Statbadgers:

Total time: 5:09 (391:22) hrs

poem writing = 2.00 (180:56) hrs

close reading =0:00(78:44) hrs

technique/theory 1:40(90:15) hrs

reflection = 0:15(32:1358) hrs

Poetry written:

0(34) poems completed

(0)16 poems in draft

1 poem abandoned

1 poem facing execution at dawn

Poems Submitted:

1(20 in total) poems

Poems Published:

0(7) poem

Live Performances:



0(8) poems


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