Year of Poetry Update - Month 11

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Can't complain, things went well in writing land.

Only one poetry collection arriving this week   but next week I think I will have some explaining to do - the "It's Christmas shopping" excuse has a limited lifespan. 

I snapped up a 50% off deal through UWAP for Bruce Dawe's Border Security ( I think they were testing their online shop) so I was happy to get the collection for about $10.

I also managed to splurge on a bundle from Vagabond Press, (sadly it was the last day for the specials but you should still check them out) specifically a set of 6 Asia Pacific 3Poet volumes and Watashi by Shuntarō Tanikawa.

While I'm spruiking, you should donate to the Verity La supporters drive through the Australian Cultural Fund - they are nearly fully funded but it would be kind to let Michelle and the team relax and do some planning around spending that money on the payment of contributors for 2017.

The Writing...

was hard this week, coutesy of a migraine on the morning of my writing day and a stomach bug that had me wanting to write an Ode to Triple Ply toilet paper.  Still, as a professional I turned up and did the work and consequently there's some ideas in devlopment for tomorrow.

Part of the writing also involved reworking last week's poem, submitting it to an overseas magazine and sending out a previously written poem to another market.  

Consequently I ended up getting published this week as followers and friends will have noticed.  This publication was additional to the acceptance I mentioned last week.  So while the writing was slow, earlier efforts paid off.

You can read Unguarded here at Bluepepper.

The Study...

I completed noting the chapter on rhyme and repetition in Frances Mayes', The Discovery of Poetry - A field Guide to Reading and Writing Poems and read Longenbach's chapter on Ending the Line in The Art of the Poetic Line.  I can't recommend these books enough especially if you have achived some level of poetic competance.

Close Reading...

None this week.

For the Statbadgers:

Total time: 4:09 (419:52) hrs

poem writing = 02.00 (193:40) hrs

close reading =0:00(82:09) hrs

technique/theory 1:31(98:25) hrs

reflection = 0:30(35:37) hrs

Poetry written:

1(39) poems completed

1 (18)poems in draft

Poems Submitted:

2(25 in total) poems

Poems Published:

1(9) poem

Live Performances:



0(10) poems


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