New Email Subscription Option

You may have noticed that the Subscribe by Email gadget in the column to your right has changed or you may not, I can count the number of people who subscribe to the blog on one hand and from my blog stats I can see most folks access the blog from Facebook.

So it may not mean much to you.

But after reading some articles I was convinced to do away with the Feedburner service that has been left to die a long and lonely death by Google and instead use the free Mailchimp service.

This means initially, that my blog posts for the week will be aggregated and sent in one post on Saturday evening to my 8 email subscribers (before they word have received a post on the day it was written)in a digest.

Next year though I thought I might try and offer a couple of services like a Poetry Bargains Newsletter with free shipping codes, and links to cheap poetry collections once a month.

Feel free to sign up for the general blog newsletter at the moment I'll probably create a separate form and list for Poetry Bargains.


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