I am still alive...just

Well, well.

I seem to have skipped blogging anything in October.  I did travel to Japan though and managed to contract a severe chest infection on returning to Australia. Not a great way to start Term 4.

To give you a quick update.  The manuscript has been turned in and I am awaiting the finalisation of the proof, and some cover art.

I did manage to buy some poetry while in Japan but my Japanese wasn't good enough to hunt down local poets.  Funnily enough most of the translations I saw I'd already purchased in Australia.

I thought I might write some poetry while there but it hasn't turned out that way.  Lots of experiences though, which I hope will filter through my poetry brain.

I was particularly affected by the trip to the Hiroshima Peace Park and the Museum, found myself getting angry at current world leaders(if that's the right term). 

I roomed in a traditional style Japanese Inn about 500m from the hypocentre of "Little Boy".  Utterly surreal when I think back on it.

Next post will probably bring more news on the book.

Until then... またね



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