Book Launch and writing update.

Where my profits go.
I suppose I had to get around to doing one of these.

A book launch I mean.

The collection has been selling reasonably well (both commercially and through my blog) but I do want to do something a little special to mark the occasion.

So I will be travelling to Gawler Poets in the Pub on Sunday the 25th of March to do a reading and to sell some copies of the collection if you are interested.

In other news I have been spending all my profits on other people's poetry (see the photo above).

I have had sneak peaks at the Zapruder and Stairs and Whispers and would sell an arm to get some time to sit, read and encode them.

I am also still managing(barely) to write short poetry for the Post-It Note Poetry event that has another two weeks to run.

Here's the latest in that project:

we grieve again

feed our children

to the tree

of liberty


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