My Post-It Note Poetry 2018 collection

February was difficult in a number areas of my life:  work, with new classes and a new role, recurring back pain and an absence of time or the wherewithal to take advantage of what little time there was.

Still I managed to pen some words, every now and then, to participate in Post-It Note Poetry. 

Here are the collected works in chronological order:

cloud filled sky

 we watch the supermoon 

on youtube

morning sun 

on my shoulders 

the weight of a thousand 


Bundaleer pines

leaning toward the hilltop 

I catch my breath

all night
the mallee gum taps
and my anxieties 


fire ban days

overhead the steady thrum 

of bees

What a delight it is
 when snatching      
at a chattering 

constellation of words        

one alights, perfectly 

in place.

we grieve again

feed our children

to the tree 

of Liberty

even at Mount Fuji 

I long to see 

Mount Fuji

all day

wanting to write poetry

        - nothing

summer's end 

I toast with a cup 

of Tieguanyin

These of course, were just my efforts: to see the combined Twitter collection please go to the Archive


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