Can’t we just forget - some experimental spoken word poetry

This poem is inspired by listening to Omar Musa’s work and the comments of a racist Liberal MP who tweeted that an aboriginal woman should just get over the effects of colonialism.  Emphasizing how long ago it happened.

I have a link to me performing it, possibly need to practice.


Can't we just forget ( Dennis Jensen MP)

Can't we whiteys just

forget about ANZAC day?

I mean how long ago was it?

1915 man

A military fuck-up, that landed

wide-eyed boys in muck

eating stone hard biscuits

and getting blown to fuck

the only success

getting out alive




1928 man

the land

getting hammered

by a drought no government

would admit

Bullfrog kills a man

for fooling with his wife

and all manner of strife

is brought down on the heads

of 100 plus innocent men and


shot for being black,

coz the sin of one

is the sin of many




No don't forget

the histories

that make this place


the good and the bad

a country that teaches its

children to forget

gets fucked over by

the fat-arsed politicians

who want you to





how much

they don't give a

fuck about



Here’s the link to me reciting it. An apologies to mum for the swears :D


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