My second published poem,” Summer Squall” is out

The kind folks at The Glass Coin have published my second poem called Summer Squall.  It’s in my favourite metre, Iambic Tetrameter and was inspired by one those arguments that arise out of poor sleep and long hot summer days.  Feel free to comment below or at the site.

Summer Squall
Poem by Sean Wright3971305193_d554ca6798_n

April 10, 2013

A summer squall is rolling in
A subtle draft, a pleasant breeze,
has turned into a broiling thing
of heated words and brimming tears.

The pressure builds and peace is rent,
the squall pulls in a thousand thoughts
from petty showers not quite yet spent
and love is lost, as battle’s fought.

But like, some old heroic tale
of Gods or Titans locked in war
This summer squall begins to fall;
cool tears, warm limbs, and love once more.


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