Post it Note Poetry 2015 – The End


So today marks the end of Post It Note Poetry 2015 for me.  I managed 24 poems, not as many as I hoped but still a good turn out.  Here are my last three, followed by the previous 21.


walk trail

that I helped build

still here

the signpost points me

to your memory


rocky beach

the sea retreating

from morning heat


reading poems

gulls mistake page turns

for chip wrap


drab plumage

a bird lies on the footpath

dressed for a funeral

the hymns don't match

the morning birdsong


nasal whistle in the night – a rusty gate


The Old Gate

On a windy night

the old gate copped

its share of curses

But come morning

it still did its duty

announcing salesmen

and Mormons


My brother oiled it

once and like our father's snoring

it's absence left a vacuum

for worry


southerly wind   seagull practises crane technique


twilight   cherry blossom cups gather autumn



dropping its head

the seagull contemplates

its feet

as if noticing

for the first time

they are webbed

and he is a seagull

i greet an old man

before realizing

he is me

in the mirror


so much depends

no raindrops


this white


only the chicken’s


on which so much



limewashed sky     a chorus of ravens curse the heat


limestone ruins

seasoning the hillside

pepper trees


faded horizon

a boat sailing in the sky


past midnight

the moon searches through branches

for sleep


tapping morse

on the windows

a swarm of moths

herald the oncoming



blistered hand     I dig with my pen instead


long dead

the first hand to hew this stone

and its fossils


long summer

the bees take payment

in water


old farm midden

digging through broken history

an empty bottle

still carries a message

from the hand that tossed it


furuike ya

a handful of translations

like snowflakes


cool change   the monks of Gyüto sing from my bottle


each year

silk flowers by the road

on the same day


a house

for fading memories

this stone

catching my tears as I

try to remember his face


heat wave

even the Chilli bush

prays for rain


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