Post it Note Poetry Day 2 – Rusty Gate

shot_1422843671071And so day two is a Haiku/Senryu:

nasal whistle in the night – a rusty gate


For those of you wondering where the extra 6 syllables and the three line format has gone(and who haven’t read my Haiku before).  I have constructed this poem using a form that apparently resembles more accurately the original Japanese form in terms of the amount of information ie Japanese is made up of sound units called on that don’t translate to syllables neatly.  Thus the 5, 7, 5 format tends to give too much information if you use English.  I tend to try for around 12 syllables.

In this poem I am also using the phrase and fragment technique.  I’d normally do away with the dash that separates them but for ease of reading I have left it in.


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