Falling in love with the music

I crossed the "100 hours of poetry" threshold yesterday morning and thought back briefly over what I had learned or how far I had come in just 6 weeks.  I can make a couple of observations:

  1. Poems and poets that were hard to connect with seem to open up to me more.  I am sure this is a result of both closer, more attentive reading and an understanding of the larger historical/technical context in which they sit.
  2. Looking back at the poems I loved before undertaking this plan, it was their music that I first fell in love with.  By music I mean not only rhyme, but rhythm, pacing, the melody of grouped sounds.
I also began reading Kenneth Koch's Making Your Own Days.  His first chapter is titled The Two Languages and I think he has some insightful points to make about the ability of sound within a poem to make poetic sense and meaning in and of itself.  He uses the example:

Two and Two
are rather blue  

which logically makes no sense, but is more memorable, gains a meaning that doesn't exist in

Two and Two 
are rather green

This is a very simple example and it focuses just on rhyme.  But I did think how in some cases memorable music is enough to carry a poem for me.  The poet's meaning/intent/themes (which I may struggle to decipher for years) is of less importance. 

Your thoughts?


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