Year of Poetry Update Week 7

This week the battle was technical, had issues with the computer but still managed to do just over 18 hours of work.  I was largely able to hit this target due to the lack of paid work around at the start of semester.

I expect (hope) to get at least a couple of days next week impinging on my schedule but I don't see this as a big threat.

No finished poems this week but one that I will be typing up hopefully tonight or tomorrow to do a final polish before running it past the brains trust and another where I am reading a bit of Glyn Maxwell to see if I can get a handle on his approach to iambic pentameter. 

This weeks close readings were: Glyn Maxwell, Old Smile at the Roast. Paula Meehan's Single Room with a Bath, Edinburgh, Robert Gray's The Northern Town, John Burnside's Insomnia in Southern Illinois 

But on to the stats:

Total time: 18:20 (128:02) hrs

poem writing = 7:40 (47:30) hrs
close reading = 5:10 (30:50) hrs
technique/theory  4:05 (28:03) hrs
reflection = 1:25(10:49) hrs

Poetry written:

9 poems completed
1 poem abandoned
2 drafted

Poems Submitted:

2 poems

General thoughts:

Happy with my progress and happy to have a couple of poems out there in the field.  


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