Year of Poetry Update - Week 10

One day's work this week and a my total hours came up just shy of last week's effort.

Obstacles this week have been me sleeping in and starting late. Though I seem to have been more productive having finished two poems.

The past two weeks have seen me experiment with the sonnet form reworking some older poems that I think benefited from being condensed and this week I wrote a poem for family that I probably won't send out for publication but which I am reasonably proud of from a technical standpoint.

This week's study comprised of TS Eliot's 1920 essay: Tradition and the Individual Talent, and Jane Hirsfield's essays on artistic concentration and originality from Nine Gates: Entering the Mind of Poetry.  There was interesting crossover or perhaps I should continuity from the Eliot essay to Hirshfield's on originality.

I also sent out a poem this week to a paying market and received a nice rejection letter for one of last weeks submissions

My close readings were: The Consent by Howard Nemerov, Like Holderlin by Rosemarie Waldrop and The Scarborough Grace by Michael Lista.  I particularly like the sci-fi/horror connotations in the Nemerov, the mirroring that occurs in the Waldrop and the shift from observational to epiphanic in the Lista.

Next week's poetry exercise is to rework a fairytale or some other culturally significant story into narrative couplets.

For the Statbadgers:

Total time: 14:27 (170:04) hrs

poem writing = 6:55 (66:13) hrs
close reading = 3:05(38:47) hrs
technique/theory 4:45 (40:28) hrs
reflection = 0:58 (14:02) hrs

Poetry written:

2 (15) poems completed
1 poem abandoned

Poems Submitted:

1 (11 in total) poems

Poems Published:

1 poem


1 (2) poem


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