Year of Poetry Update - Week 11

Worked three days this week and still managed to crank out 15 hours poetry related effort which is why I am feeling a bit exhausted on the poetry front.

This week I managed to get one poem to the beta reading stage. As per this week's exercise I took a culturally significant story and reworked it in heroic couplet form.

This week's study was comprised of Alice Notley's 1998 Essay: The Poetics of Disobedience, Adrienne Rich's, Someone is Writing a Poem and Jane Hirsfield's essays on Translation and Japanese Poetics in  Nine Gates: Entering the Mind of Poetry.  

One poem swam out into the sea of submissions this week.  It's something a bit different and I hope it finds a home.

My close readings were: Guns, Blue and Estuary by Katrina Roberts, all narrative couplets but ranging from slightly irregular to highly irregular iambic pentameter.

For the Statbadgers:

Total time: 15:04 (185:08) hrs

poem writing = 6:30 (72:43) hrs
close reading = 3:27(42:14) hrs
technique/theory 4:22 (44:50) hrs
reflection = 0:46 (14:48) hrs

Poetry written:

1 (16) poems completed
1 poem abandoned

Poems Submitted:

1 (12 in total) poems

Poems Published:

1 poem


0 (2) poem


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