New Poetry Arrivals - The Triggering Town by Richard Hugo

Available from Booktopia
I came across Richard Hugo's writing in an essay on the Poetry Foundation website that shares the title of this collection of lectures and essays.

I read it earlier in the Year of Poetry process and while I enjoyed it at the time (it's chapter two of this book)I believe I have benefitted immeasurably from it being placed in the context of a number of essays or lectures that were intended, I think to be viewed or listened to in close proximity to each other.

It's only a slight volume; appearing not much bigger than the standard one author poetry collection.  That being said Hugo somehow manages to combine wit, comedy and a deep engagement with the subject without becoming dense or unweildy.

It's caused me to consider elements of my writing in a new way.  A good resource for the poet who has had some publication success or none or indeed anyone who values discussion on poetry.  Still relevant some 30 odd years after Hugo's death.


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