Year of Poetry Update - Week 23

New Poetry from Helen Mort
This week was good all round.  My preordered copy of Helen Mort's, No Map Could Show Them arrived. Seriously worth getting especially if you like poetry about climbing and subtle feminist commentary. 

My confidence built on last week and despite having a full on work week with reports and such, I had two great writing days that left me with 2 fully drafted poems.

My overall time was up this week, courtesy I think, of hacking my writing brain and working out how to alter my schedule to cope with fatigue.

So by my reckoning its taken me 5 or so weeks to produce something I am considering sending out.  Personally I am just happy I have something.

The Writing

I honestly would have spent more time writing today if I hadn't been called upon to cut and grind metal for garden art and then sell it.  I was having such a successful week that I really didn't want to be taken away from the desk.

I managed to produce two really good first drafts on last Sunday and Monday respectively, when I racked up 4 hours of solid poetry writing.  I have been rotating through Writing, Study and Close Reading as and when time permits, with an emphasis of course, on the writing.  I was finding though, that I tended to let the Close Reading drop in favour of Study.  I think this had a negative impact on motivation and inspiration and having no particular text to study this week pushed hard and did a couple of close readings of Jane Clarke's poems.  It seemed to help.

The Study

I only did about three quarters of an hour, finishing off Glyn Maxwell's On Poetry . I found the final chapters ( on poets writing plays) less helpful in my current stage of devlopment.  But am glad that I purchsed the book.  I found Maxwell to have an interesting perspective especially for folk who like form.

Close Reading

I finished Irish poet, Jane Clarke's, Every Life, and  The Suck (from the collection mentioned here) and made a start on a Helen Dunmore poem.

For the Statbadgers:

Total time: 08:30(286:09) hrs

poem writing = 5.30 (121:03) hrs
close reading = 1:30(58:42) hrs
technique/theory 0:48(70:49) hrs
reflection = 0:45 (23:16) hrs

Poetry written:

2 (23) poems completed
13 poems in draft
1 poem abandoned
1 poem facing execution at dawn

Poems Submitted:

0(13 in total) poems

Poems Published:

0(5) poem

Live Performances:



0(7) poems


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