Heads Up - Phillip Hall and Alison Croggon have new books out

I'm ill this week, so no deeply thought out posts on my publishing journey.  But two new releases flitted across my screens between bouts of coughing:

First up we have Borroloola class by Phillip Hall from Recent Work Press. 
Borroloola Class is painterly, resonant, songlike, a beautifully crafted collection of poems expressing deep-felt gratitude to, and respect for, the Borroloola mob, many of the poems here dedicated to the Borroloola people. Read More

I like Phillip's work, so I'll hopefully have time to write about Borroloola class in the coming months.  

Next is Alison Croggon's New and Selected Poems 1991-2017

Selected Poems 1991-2017 brings together works from all nine of her published collections, new poems and previously unpublished work. It demonstrates the full range of her art: formally inventive, intellectually curious and stylistically assured.
I was aware of Alison's Fantasy Works and critical writings but not that she had amassed such a large collection of poems.  This one is going on the Wishlist.


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