Japan on the horizon

The blog posts have been sporadic but to tell you the truth it's end of Semester and it's been wall to wall work around here. 

And it's occurred to me that in 14 days I will be flying over the Philippine Sea and almost arriving in Japan and if I wasn't so tired I might feel a little bit anxious about that fact.

Today, though, I completed an interview with Alice Allan at Poetry Says and we talked about the Manuscript process and our strategies for submitting to Journals. 

It should be out in the next 2-3 weeks, so keep your eyes open as I'll be restricted to my phone for posting any updates and probably won't be able to promote it until I get back.

This morning I spent a gloriously uninterrupted (and rare) 2-3 hours writing a draft of a poem and then spent another hour or so looking over the first half of my manuscript.

Speaking of the manuscript. It's the first time I have laid it out on the floor and originally I was skeptical about the usefulness of such a process ( I initially arranged it in a Pressbooks file) but I must say, as a result of the process, I did switch the location of 3 poems. So, not without its merits.

So until next time.



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