FYI - The Agonist by Shastra Deo

I don't know how I missed this one.

Shastra Deo's Shapcott Prize Winning poetry collection, The Agonist, is available for pre-order from Booktopia.

The blurb reads:

In its wildness, originality and vitality, this collection announces a distinctive new poetic voice. Like the agonist that binds to a receptor to start a chemical response, these poems conduct experiments with the poetics of attachment, spark and charge. 

Found poetries adjoin explorations of the limits of form, where the languages of anatomy, etymology and incantation mingle. Together, they craft conversations about fracture and repair, energy, love, and danger

If that's not enough to convince you, check out Shastra's website. Her portfolio page lists links to some online publications where you can read her work.

Possible Free Shipping

I have snared my copy (used the code WINTER17) and scored free shipping from Booktopia.  I have no idea how long the free shipping deal is because I didn't receive it through my usual channels - it was a Facebook add and from memory it was only for a couple of days.

Try it and see.

EDIT: Apparently the code is live until Midnight Friday.


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