The two edged sword of gainful employment

Chai Tea and Poetry
So I am sitting here drinking Chai Tea, trying to read the mountain of poetry I have purchased (or been given to review).

It's the last day of holidays and I expect things'll go quiet here on the blog if the last six months is anything to go by.

But I will have some news in the next couple of weeks, that is equal parts thrilling and terrifying, but I'll keep mum until I can tell you for sure.

Today's thoughts are brought to you by the ever stimulating Lunar Poetry Podcasts.

It's fast becoming my favourite international poetry podcast and Episode 97 featuring Rachel Long and Raymond Antrobus is a good indication as to why.

In this two part episode our intrepid pod casting poet, David Turner, showcases some of the individual work of Rachel Long and manages to get me addicted to yet another poet.  Her work with the WOC collective Octavia, is also worth checking out.

In the interview Long talks about the creative opportunities and pressures brought about by being a poetry facilitator and Turner commiserates, citing the podcast itself as having an effect on his output and practice.

Sentiments that I can echo having both run and produced a podcast and having recently found stable full time employment. Teaching/pod casting/facilitating puts food on the table, but as Long mentions in the interview, it seems to draw from that same well of creative energy that our poems spring from.

I find myself harbouring something akin to resentment for my job.  One week's break seems too short.

The interview with Raymond was also of immense value and raised questions around accessibility and highlighted the defined boxes, to paraphrase Turner, the wider poetry society might like to try and squeeze people into.

You can find the transcript of the podcast here.
You can download of play from the Soundcloud link above.

Here's hoping you hear from me in less than a week's time.


  1. The news sounds interesting; I'm guessing what it could be, Sean. I'll make a bet with myself.

    1. Not that I encourage gambling as a rule but go on :D


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