Poetry from Northern Ireland

It's interesting, the little connections that grow from hearing or reading something and following the breadcrumbs.

I found the Poetry Northern Ireland site courtesy of the Lunar Poetry Podcasts and their Belfast episode, which introduced me to Mary Montague, who blogged about some work she had in FourXFour magazine. The magazine is produced by Poetry Northern Ireland four times a year.

Check it out below (if the embed works) or at their site, it's free.


  1. Really doesn't like me commenting using my Wordpress account. I'd probably better have another look at OpenID.

    1. Hmm I was trying to avoid these sort of issues by switching from Intense Debate back to in house comments.

    2. The link worked, very interesting, from my quick look! I'm inspired to write some more poetry, close to home and beyond ...

    3. Thanks Carolyn. Looks like you didn't have any trouble posting


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