2018 Poet Bloggers Revival Tour

In one of those rare instances when Twitter's Who to follow actually worked, I stumbled on poet Kelli Russell Agodon and then on to her and Donna Vorreyer's  attempt to rekindle the poetry blogging days of old, before the evil empire in the form of FaceBook swallowed all our attention.

I am staring down the barrel of a very full year, a new full time job where I simultaneously have to teach classes I heaven't taught in over a decade and revitalise a community library.

Not to mention the debut collection which I need to find time to launch/perform readings from.

My greatest fear is that just as My Poetry Career ™ is picking up I will be buried under work and fatigue (and to be fair... money).  So I have signed up to the revival tour to keep myself writing and thinking poetry.  I have committed to one post per week. 

There's 30 plus other folks doing it as well, published poets on multiple collections and those with just a firm interest in the art.  

Please check out the updated master list here

Obligatory Promo 

In Magpie Tales Australian poet SB Wright reveals a keen eye for capturing both people and places, his deft imagery transports the reader effortlessly from rural Australia and beyond. The pieces within explore a changing inner landscape too, where the contested terrain of small town identities and national issues are played out in clear, lyrical verse.

Available in print: Amazon Aus, US / Book Depository / Booktopia / Bookworld / Barnes & Noble / Fishpond

Signed Copies: On request


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