Magpie Tales Signed Copies

Hi all.

A few people asked me for signed copies of my new collection.

If you would like a signed copy you can contact me via the form that's located in the hidden sidebar (look top left of the page for the 3 horizontal bars and click), or via Twitter (@seandblogonaut ) or Facebook if you are a friend.

So cost to you if you live in Australia / New Zealand is $17.50 AUD , and it will be posted in BX15 cardboard Postpak.  I will accept EFT transfers and PayPal (I'll send you an invoice).

If you live on mainland UK or USA it will cost $23.50 AUD and I can accept PayPal. Postage will be by the aforementioned BX15 cardboard Postpak.  Note: An alternative to this might be that you could order a copy from the Book Depository/ Barnes and Noble and I can create a book plate and send it to you via small letter post.

Thanks all for your interest and support.


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