Magpie Tales Recordings

As is to be expected with a debut collection most of my recent posts have been about Magpie Tales.  And here's one more.

Long time readers will have seen/heard some of the content in the proceeding post but I have added a couple of new recordings so that you can hear dulcet tones reading 6 poems from the collection.

I have often remarked that it's a poet's voice/reading that can tip me over my admittedly low threshold for buying poetry.  So here's me putting that idea into practice.

Would you like a signed copy?

I'm offering signed copies, you can check out the cost to you here.

"If you can find an unsigned copy it's worth a fortune" - William Thacker, Notting Hill.

If you would prefer me not to vandalise your copy of  Magpie Tales, you can choose from a seller of your choice:



Book Depository


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