A New Year, a new poetry podcast - a poem a week

It's January 1st.

I am drinking Oolong tea that's been steeped for 24 hours (Resolution: Drink tea when you make it).

I had planned as my first post in the 2018 Poet Bloggers Revival Tour, an examination of my Year of Poetry Programme, that led in large part to my debut collection, but a chance meeting with arts patrons have pushed that back.

Instead I offer you the first episode in a new poetry podcast - a poem a week.  This new podcast features what the label says - a poem a week, and springs from the minds of Liz and David Turner the team behind the long form interview series The Lunar Poetry Podcast.


Oh and Happy New Year!

In Magpie Tales Australian poet SB Wright reveals a keen eye for capturing both people and places, his deft imagery transports the reader effortlessly from rural Australia and beyond. The pieces within explore a changing inner landscape too, where the contested terrain of small town identities and national issues are played out in clear, lyrical verse.
Magpie Tales is his first poetry collection.

Available in print: Amazon Aus, US / Book Depository / Booktopia / Bookworld / Barnes & Noble / Fishpond

Signed Copies: On request


  1. Oooh, a podcast. I'll check it out this week.

    1. Hi January. I a m a big fan of their main podcast. The Lunar Poetry Podcast. It's very good if you want to get a mix of British working class and minority poetry and poets.

  2. Love podcasts! Thanks for sharing this. Looking forward to your weekly posts, Sean.

    1. Me too ren (Ren?), just wish I had the internet connection to be able to download them all :D


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