Acknowledging dissatisfaction (Waaahmbulancing)

Today I made a fool of myself (this is a semi-regular occurrence). 

I applied to the Melbourne Art Book Fair under a regional writers application stream.  Made it through the entire application form and sent it off. 

It was only when I sat down to spread the information, through blogging. to my fellow poets, that I realised the extent of my mistake.

It's the Arts Book Fair, not the Arts & Book Fair i.e. it's a fair design to showcase Artbooks and publishing.

I could blame the heat, the fact that I have already been working for half of the holiday period to get ready for next(this) year., but ...honestly I think it stemmed from the fact that Poetry gets pretty short shrift when it comes to the ever dwindling pool of Arts funding and I leapt at the chance to take advantage (and by take advantage I mean, motivated myself, despite acute anxiety and shyness) of support for regional writers.

Le sigh.

Things could be worse, yes.  I am very fortunate (exceedingly fortunate with regards to poetry publishing) but a podcast (Commonplace : Episode 42: Gabrielle Calvocoressi) and a post (ren powell's Poet's Who Get Lonely ) have led me to think that maybe it's healthy to voice dissatisfaction even briefly, before I have to put on my big boy pants and just do the work.

That and it was easier to express my dissatisfaction than to write a detailed post about my poetry process (which is coming).

Feel free to be dissatisfied with your lot in the comments, you'll get no judgement or "helpful" advice from me (unless you ask for it ).

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Magpie Tales is his first poetry collection.

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  1. I love this! I also love Book Art. Wait, Book Art isn't the same as Arts Books? Or Books and Arts or... nothing to be dissatisfied - a face palm and a giggle is healthy, I think. Been there. Done that.


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