Magpie Tales Book Plates

I am preparing a post about Close Reading and Analysis as part of my writing process, but we are experiencing extreme heat in Australia at the moment ( 85 F inside the house, 98.6 F in the shade at 9.30am) so here's a short post announcing the arrival of my bookplates.

If you were an overseas reader and wanted to save costs on a signed copy you can buy from the cheapest retailer for your location below, and then contact me and I will send you out a signed bookplate that you can stick in the front of your copy.

As you can see, I did buy myself a mug with my book cover and the first poem in the collection on it, this was mostly because Vistaprint were going to charge me $10 postage for two sheets of stickers, mostly... nothing to do with stroking my own ego.

In Magpie Tales Australian poet SB Wright reveals a keen eye for capturing both people and places, his deft imagery transports the reader effortlessly from rural Australia and beyond. The pieces within explore a changing inner landscape too, where the contested terrain of small town identities and national issues are played out in clear, lyrical verse.
Magpie Tales is his first poetry collection.

Available in print: Amazon Aus, US / Book Depository / Booktopia / Bookworld / Barnes & Noble / Fishpond

Signed Copies: On request


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