New Collection : The List of Last Remaining - Louise Nicholas

South Australian Poet, Louise Nicholas launched her first full length solo collection The List of Last Remaining this Friday gone.

Fellow poet JV Birch has some good coverage of the night here.

I'd have loved to have been there but it's a four hour round, road trip and I am so out of the loop living in rural SA that I only tend to hear of these events after the fact.

The List of Last Remaining is published by 5 Islands Press and when I tried to order one of these titles from a local bookseller (ie to support local business) the basically told me to contact the publisher myself. From memory it was Ouyang Yu's Fainting with Freedom, but I digress.

I am a fan of Booktopia (and an affiliate) because they are Australian owned and give great service ( not to mention they have recently been having some great deals on poetry).  When I looked earlier in the year they weren't carrying any 5 Island Press titles (to my recollection anyway) so imagine my surprise when both the titles mentioned above are available.

I have read and enjoyed Louise's works before so this title is going onto the wishlist and I am goingto check for further listings.


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