Year of Poetry Update - Week 19

This week saw a slight increase in hours put in.  I was still restricted to one day of solid poetry writing though and the effect on the rhythm of my writing is noticeable.

I had developed a good habit of getting up early on my off days and writing for 2 hours.  Even with a good three days off I have found it very hard to write on two of those days due to exhaustion and/or having to use good thinking time for lesson planning.

The plan this week is to try really hard to do 30 mins of poetry writing each night.

This week's study was comprised of finishing the rest of Mary Oliver's Rules for the Dance and an article by Kay Ryan, A Consideration of Poetry that I found a good degree of comfort in.

My close reading, following on from last weeks, was the conclusion of the explication on Kate Clanchy's Miscarriage, Midwinter.

For the Statbadgers:

Total time: 06:17(256:41) hrs

poem writing = 2.50 (106:08) hrs
close reading = 1:00(52:15) hrs
technique/theory 2:27(64:49) hrs
reflection = 0:25 (21:07) hrs

Poetry written:

1 (20) poems completed
10 poems in draft
1 poem abandoned
1 poem facing execution at dawn

Poems Submitted:

0(13 in total) poems

Poems Published:

0(5) poem

Live Performances:



0(7) poems


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