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Yes, I know it seems like just last week I was spruiking Stuart Barnes collection, but Booktopia have evidently won an award for best mobile site and as a result are granting free shipping until the 1st of August (see details below).

Now I have picked out three releases from Five Islands Press, but do have a look here at their entire range of Australian single author collections.

Note:  This deal isn't limited to poetry of course.


The List of Last Remaining proves Louise Nicholas to be a poet of generosity, wit and wisdom. In poems which range from childhood dreams and disappointments and the fraught joys of family life to an Israeli kibbutz, love, laughter and unlikely encounters, we are regaled with narrative surprises, racy details and exuberant metaphors. The pervasive humour and leaps of imagination are tempered by Louise's emotional and verbal precision and her poised acknowledgement of loss as well as grace.  - Jan Owen 

'I choose laughter,' Louise Nicholas writes in the last poem in her new book, 'because it joins the dots,'/allows us to find the sense in senseless,/connects us all to the last.' Her carefully thought-through, closely focussed autobiographical poems do all of that and more, whether they choose laughter, sadness, wonder, love, or joy. - Peter Goldsworthy 

Fainting with Freedom displays Ouyang Yu's characteristic wrestlings with absurdity, the quotidian and the pain of history, while maintaining a distinctly different take on what constitutes 'the self'. The poems shimmer with language-play - through slippages between English and Chinese, a more illuminating existential truth arises. John Kinsella

'Why,' asks Ouyang Yu in this stunning new collection, is fame 'never associated with failure?' From the great consensus challenger of our age, Fainting with Freedom skewers all the truisms we have been forced by culture to hold too dear, its language abundant with the honesty, percipience and pith we know to expect from this major writer. Nicholas Birns, Editor, Antipodes

Ouyang Yu has mellowed but is by no means tamed. Anger has given way to sadness, occasional bitterness, but also acceptance; his linguistic fireworks explode on the page. This collection cements Ouyang's position as one of Australia's most innovative poets. Wenche Ommundsen


'You can never get away from where you come from. This is poetry that confronts those difficult connections, gutsy work with a deep understanding of people. Tough, staring down the truth. Loving, too, but never sentimental.' - Anna Fern

 'From tender observations of children to the tortuous witnessing of a mother's dying, Jennifer Compton's poems zing and sting with the joys and complexities of real living. Her 'dazzling intimacies' and sharp, but generous watchfulness of all the world lead to swooping narratives that are poignant, funny, sensitive and fiercely intelligent. Now You Shall Know is a wondrously wide-ranging, disarming and haunting collection.' - Jean Kent 

'This is generous, mercurial poetry with linguistic and dramatic verve and telling silences. In Now You Shall Know Jennifer Compton claims her space con brio: I think of a rider or ballet dancer and also of a long-distance traveller since these poems cover so much ground. I warmed to the intimate, ironic assurance, to the trust placed in the reader and to the almost palpable presence of this witty, provocative, perceptive raconteuse prepared to tell me, in confidence, everything. There are such sparkling images in this book, and such acknowledged darkness too, a truthfulness and brusque compassion 'as human as anything is'.' - Jan Owen

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