UWAP Poetry - A new initiative from the University of Western Australia

From their webpage:

UWAP Poetry is our response to the current situation in Australian poetry: a moment of shrinking opportunity for our highly productive Australian poets. This imprint enables us to increase our annual output of poetry books and build a channel for established and emerging voices. 

The first four books released to be released (current date 1st October) are :

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Bruce Dawe's,  Border Security.  For which I can't find much media release information.  Not that Bruce Dawe needs it.  Just his name and the intriguing title should be enough, no?

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J.H. Crone's, Our Lady of the Fence Post   is an imaginative response to news reports of the appearance of a Marian apparition at Coogee, Sydney, in January 2003, on the construction site of a memorial for victims of the Bali bombing.

A year after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon on 9/11 2001 had triggered the 'War on Terror', terrorists bombed Paddy's Irish Pub and the Sari Club on Jalan Legion in Kuta, Bali, killing 202 people.

Many of the 88 Australians who died were football players and their families celebrating the end of the football season. Within days of the news report of the Marian apparition huge crowds started visiting the site, dubbed 'Our Lady of the Fence Post' by the press.

Our Lady of the Fence Post interrogates the rise of religious fundamentalism and the 'war on terror', from the Bali bombing to Jake Bilardi's ISIS suicide bombing in 2015, as it is experienced by locals in the fictional setting of Sunshine Bay, in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs.

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 Alan Loney's Melbourne Journal Notebooks 1998-2003 is the third instalment in Alan Loney's notebooks, covering the period in between his previous publications (Sidetracks: Notebooks 1976-1991 and Crankhandle: Notebooks June 2010-November 2013).

Allowing observations and ideas to fall on to the page half formed, poems to shimmer into and out of existence like apparitions, Alan Loney's Melbourne Journal celebrates the reflexive muscle of the poet's mind, heightened by the stimuli of a new place: Melbourne.

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David McCooey's, Star Struck, is made up of four sections. The first documents an alienating encounter with a life-threatening illness. The second plays out an unforgettable obsession with darkness and light. The third brings together popular music and the ancient literary mode of the pastoral.

In this highly original sequence we find, among other things, Bob Dylan singing Virgil, Joni Mitchell reflecting on life in Laurel Canyon, a lab monkey pondering the sound of music, and a bitter, surreal rewriting of 'Down Under' for our times. In the final section, narrative poetry is cast in an intensely new and uncanny light.

The poetry imprint is being launched at the Sturmfrei Poetry Night on the 28th of July, in Perth at the State Theatre, check out the FaceBook page for that here.

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