Year of Poetry Update - Week 30

The carved hiking cane
 almost finished
This week I had the good news of picking up extra teaching hours for the next nine weeks.  Unfortunately this has meant more prep and necessitated some some shopping to buy more work clothes.  I have also been busy helping my other half get work and paraphernalia ready for a SALA exhibition.

Understandably the writing hours are down, possibly the lowest for the year but once I have my routine set I think I should be able to maintain he 6-8 hours work I did last term.

I must also admit I am still somewhat distracted by carving. Though I did manage to incorporate carving into a proto-poem.

The Writing...

was limited to last Sunday and Monday.  I kept working on a ghazal featuring a bit of social commentary and started a TS Eliot-esque exploration of the similarities between carving and poetry.  The only trouble is that the long period of time in the middle of the week where I was too tired to work, has left me feeling a bit out of the writing groove, to the point where my reflection journal actually came in handy to remind me what I had been doing.

The Study

I continued with Mary Ruefle's, Madness Rack and Honey and completed her chapter on secrets and poetry. Due to the long break I will probably need to reread that section.  

Close Reading

This week I finished David Brook's, Broad Bean Meditation.

For the Statbadgers:

Total time: 4:53 (356:20) hrs

poem writing = 2.37 (159:39) hrs

close reading = 1:26(73:02) hrs

technique/theory 0:30(81:49) hrs

reflection = 0:20(27:22) hrs

Poetry written:

0(29) poems completed

(2)17 poems in draft

1 poem abandoned

1 poem facing execution at dawn

Poems Submitted:

0(16 in total) poems

Poems Published:

0(8) poem

Live Performances:


0(8) poems


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