Moar! Aussie Poetry Bargains - Wright, Clarke & Musa

Wanting to spread the love around for my fellow poets, I thought I would remind you of some other Aussie work that's available.

As noted in me previous post regarding Stuart Barnes' The Glasshouses, if you are an Australian purchasing from Booktopia and you order (any book, not just these wonderful works of art) before midnight Eastern Time on the 13th of July you can get free shipping with the code word COSY)

Judith Wright - Collected Poems

This definitive collection represents the impressive poetic achievement of one of Australia's best loved and most highly respected poets.

Judith Wright's Collected Poems comprises her work from 1942 to 1985 and is a fitting tribute to an outstanding poet. 

Demonstrating a deep love of the Australian landscape, coupled with an awareness of white history and an intense concern for Aboriginal rights, she increasingly focused on the need for wildlife preservation and conservation and was one of the first Australian environmentalists.


Parang is the second collection of poetry from former Australian Poetry Slam winner Omar Musa. Written over four years, the collection explores Malaysian jungles, dark Australian streets, and dreams.

Dealing with the issues of loss, migration and belonging, Parang is an incisive and sometimes raw look at the here and now of a changing world.


ABIA and Indie award winning author Maxine Beneba Clarke (author of Foreign Soil and The Hate Race) is one of Australia's most innovative and celebrated poets.

A haunting visit to the International Museum of Slavery, in Liverpool England. A feisty young black girl pushing back against authority. The joy and despair of single parenthood. A love-hate relationship with words.

This collection brings the best of a decade-long international poetry career to the page.

If you thought bargains meant really, really cheap poetry 
You can check out other Australian Poetry here and search through the bargain bins here (I recently picked up Andy Jackson's latest for under $5.00).


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