Poetry Acquisitions Liu Xiaobo and LK Holt

I generally give myself a budget of $20 a month to spend on poetry books.  Which considering the price of books, let alone poetry books, is an interesting and challenging task at times.

Still necessity is the mother of invention and I have several ways that I obtain cheap poetry.  One of those is to check out Booktopia's Poetry Bargain listings any time they have a Free shipping deal.

If you are interested this link will take you to the poetry bargains page. You might have to wade through some odd selections, but there are gems to be found.  Such as the following which I received today

June Fourth Elegies by Liu Xiaobo (trans. Jeffery Yang) which was an absolute steal from Booktopia at $3.75(they still have copies at that price).

If you don't know who Xiaobo is, the Wikipedia entry has a good run down.

June Fourth Elegies is a collection of the poems  Xiaobo has written each year on the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989. 

It's a bilingual volume featuring the original Chinese poems followed by their English translations.

The second bargain was LK Holt's Keeps With Patience, Mutiny and Man Wolf Man at $4.95 (unfortunately the price has shifted back up). So three collections in one.

It doesn't get much better than this, indeed I rarely find second hand deals as cheap as this.  I shall now go and be smug and read some fine poetry.


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