Year of Poetry Update Week 14

Camel made from old roof sheets.

I increased the hours worked this week, but unfortunately it was spread across areas other than poem writing.

Still, I managed to work on a couple of drafts, and I need to remind myself as I get more competent in terms of craft, to not push myself and get despondent when the art doesn't fall into my lap.

That poetry publication I mentioned last week went live today, so you can check out the poem Lest We Forget at the Pressure gauge Journal.  I hope you enjoy or perhaps appreciate it.

This week's study was comprised of  The Poem as a Field of Action by William Carlos Williams, Preface to Some Imagist Poets by Amy Lowell, Pound's, A Retrospect and A Few Don'ts and Jane Hirshfield's essays Poetry as a Vessel of Remembrance and Writing and the Threshold Life from Nine Gates: Entering the Mind of Poetry.

My close readings were Cyril and the Snails by Alex Skovron and Scrag Lit by Alison Whittaker

For the Statbadgers:

Total time: 11:44 (214:48) hrs

poem writing = 3.45 (88:53) hrs
close reading = 2:50(46:39) hrs
technique/theory 3:51 (52:27) hrs
reflection = 1:18 (18:16) hrs

Poetry written:

0 (18) poems completed
2 poems in draft
1 poem abandoned

Poems Submitted:

0(12 in total) poems

Poems Published:

0(2) poem

Live Performances:



0 (2) poem


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