Small Epiphanies In a Year of Poetry

I had somewhat of an epiphany the other day.

Readers may find it somewhat obvious but I often find that you can be told a thing, read a thing, even perhaps intellectually know a thing, but not until you do a thing or experience a thing does it really effect you.

I hope I will have many more epiphanies or realisations as the Year of Poetry progresses and I'll try and note them here rather than on my Facebook page where they will be harder to find again.


I'm finding rejections seem to matter less when I'm continually writing, this could be just a benefit of distraction but I am beginning to think that it's more so that less seems to hinge on a single work's acceptance.

Or perhaps I am moving past that point where publication is the be all and end all.

How heavily you weight rejection will of course depend to some extent on why and who you write for.  Now I do write for publication and for my own personal interest and pleasure, and the majority of what I do write I am working toward publishing publicly.

I find particularly with writing poetry that in the early stages publication is an external judgement of whether you are doing "it" right. 

It's hard to know really if anyone enjoys what you write either unless they tell you or you perform it live and you can gauge audience response. 

The more you write though and the more you read, the more you get a sense of the art form and whether or not you are creating something of value beyond just the experience for yourself.


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