Post-it Note Poetry 2014 Begins

So it’s February again and I have no idea where 2013 went.  So its time to get cracking on a month of poetry no matter the quality.  Post-it note poetry is a month of daily posted poems.  The only restriction is that it can fit on a post-it (so a sonnet is fine if you have fine handwriting).  Permission is granted to be shite, the event is to get you writing in a non-judgemental environment.

So checkout the Facebook page here.

I am keeping a running twitter column for the month(see it to the right) so if you are Facebook averse you can always just play on twitter using the hashtag #postitnotepoetry


Here’s mine, a haiku (cinquains are ideal for this too)

shot_1391224154959     ...midday heat

         magpies walk in shade

        - water song


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